Cardboard City - It's Your Move

Media Release

Thursday 27th February, 2014

Heart For The Homeless Launch Digital ‘It’s Your Move’ Awareness Campaign
· Heart for the Homeless team up with creative agency, The Lume, in new initiative to raise awareness around homelessness in Australia
· Approximately 105,000 people will be homeless tonight
· Homelessness has risen 17% since the 2006 census

‘It’s Your Move’ digital initiative uses 60-second stop-motion video to encourage household goods donations to charities, using the Heart For The Homeless website.

According to the latest data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, homelessness has increased by 17% since the 2006 census with an estimated 105,000 people homeless each night.

“There is no silver bullet to homelessness” said Heart For The Homeless founder and former real estate agent, Leighton Walters, “If we can creatively connect supplies to those in need I believe we could see their lives significantly impacted.

“That is why we have teamed up with the creative people at The Lume and to promote the ‘It’s Your Move’ initiative.”

Put simply, ‘It’s Your Move’ is an online initiative that swiftly notifies local charities where to collect unwanted household items from sold properties, or from residents looking to offload their furniture and downsize.

“Rather than throwing away their disused or unloved clothes and furniture, we are encouraging all tenants and homeowners to think about donating their unwanted goods to someone less fortunate in the community through our organisation” said Mr Walters.

“Essentially, we want to give meaning to the mundane task of getting rid of unwanted goods.”

The charities then redistribute the goods to those in need, or sell the goods with the proceeds going to help fund crisis counseling and emergency housing.

According to Mr Walters, the concept behind the new website is to better connect homeowners and tenants with existing charitable services in an age where technology is ever-increasing.

“It is exciting to dream of what is possible when we invest our time into a cause” said Mr Walters “and by utilising technology we can see our efforts multiply in outcome.”

To support the awareness around the launch of ‘It’s Your Move’, the team at Heart for the Homeless approached John Cavallaro and the creative minds at The Lume to help construct a 60-second stop-animation video, titled “Cardboard City”.